The Finance Committee (FC)

The FC provides the Council with opinions and recommendations on all financial matters submitted to the Council and exercises the financial powers delegated by the Council.

Terms of Reference of the Finance Committee


According to the Terms of Reference of the Finance Committee, "the Committee shall be composed of:

i. one representative of each of the four Member States paying the highest contributions;

ii.representatives of the other Member States, appointed by them for a period of one year; each of these States may not be represented on the Committee more than twice in succession. The number of these representatives shall be one‐fifth of the number of the other Member States."

In 2021 the Committee's representatives are: France, Germany, Greece (also representing Portugal and Spain), Italy, Serbia (also representing Croatia, Slovenia and Turkey), Sweden (also representing Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway), the Netherlands (also representing Austria, Belgium,  Luxembourg and Switzerland),  and the United Kingdom.


Gisela Seuffert, Germany

Vice Chair

Lukas Schumacher, Switzerland

Next sessions

27 April 2021, video-conference

27 October 2021, video-conference

Joint sessions