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2012 to 2014

ECMWF's contribution to the MyOcean2 project is global ocean reanalysis product (ORAP5), which is now available from the Copernicus Marine environment monitoring service or

See Table 1. for the list of MyOcean2 Global Ocean reanalyses products, some results from ORAP5 can be seen in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 as below. 

Figure 1 Differences in the correlation of the ORAP5 and CTRL SLA reanalysis with observations from 72 BADOMAR tide-gauge stations. Positive values indicate that ORAP5 is correlated better with the BADOMAR observations than the CTRL produced without the assimilation of SLA data. Statistics were computed using the monthly mean sea-level analysis from ORAP5 at the nearest model point to each tide gauge station between 1993 and 2011.


Figure 2. Mean volume transports (in Sverdrup) across seven WOCE sections from MyOcean reanalyses products and estimates by observations (G&W 2000 and L&S 2007). Volume transports across Drake passage, ACC Southern African and ACC Tasmania sections have been deduced by 120 Sv in the figure to improve clarity when comparing sections with very different transport values. Transports from reanalyses were computed using monthly mean data after averaged between 1992-2011.



Technical Memoranda for ORAP5 MyOcean2 product:

The ECMWF-MyOcean2 eddy-permitting ocean and sea-ice reanalysis ORAP5. Part 1: Implementation

Arctic sea ice in the ECMWF MyOcean2 ocean reanalysis ORAP5


Two articles have been published for evaluation of ORAP5 MyOcean2 product, and are listed here as

  • Zuo, H., Balmaseda, M. A. and Mogensen, K., 2015. The new eddy-permitting ORAP5 ocean reanalysis: description, evaluation and uncertainties in climate signals. Climate Dynamics, 10.1007/s00382-015-2675-1
  • Tietsche, S., Balmaseda, M.A., Zuo, H. and Mogensen, K., 2015. Arctic sea ice in the global eddy-permitting ocean reanalysis ORAP5. Climate Dynamics, 10.1007/s00382-015-2673-3


ECMWF is a partner in the MYOCEAN project

As a marine core service, the MyOcean objective is to provide to users the best generic information available on the state of the ocean. MyOcean (2009-2012) and now MyOcean2 (2012-2014) are committed to develop and run a European service based on a worldwide capacity for ocean monitoring and forecasting, using observations data, modelling and assimilation systems. ORAP5 is now accessible from

Integrated Climate Data Center - ICDC

ECMWF is a partner in the MyOcean2 global ocean reanalysis activity, the goal of which is to provide a series of eddy permitting (1/4°) global ocean products constrained by assimilation of observations, the so called reanalyses, covering the recent period during which altimeter data are available (period starting with the launch of TOPEX POSEIDON and ERS-1 satellites early in the nineties). The reanalyses are built to be as close as possible to the observations (i.e. realistic) and in agreement with the model physics.

Details about MyOcean project can be found at (CMEMS account needed)

The MyOcean project has received funding from the European Union’s Framework Programme under grant agreement number 218812.

The MyOcean2 project has received funding from the European Union’s Framework Programme under grant agreement number 283367.

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