Model integration for the 20th-century (Final) (ERA-20CM)

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There are two versions of the ERA-20CM atmospheric model integrations.

Each is comprised of a 10-member ensemble using:

  • Radiative forcing from CMIP5
  • Sea-surface temperature (SST) and sea ice cover from HadISST2
Overview of the ERA-20CM versions
Ensemble Status Period IFS cycle

Radiative forcing

Sea-surface Production year
ERA-20CMv0 experimental Jan 1899 - Dec 2009 Cy37r3 CMIP5 HadISST2.0.0.0 2013
ERA-20CM final Jan 1899 - Dec 2010 Cy38r1 CMIP5 HadISST2.1.0.0


Note that ERA-20CMv0 is an experimental version and public access to this data will be disabled in the future. Existing users of ERA-20CMv0 should migrate to the final version as soon as possible.

The modeluses a sophisticated data assimilation methodology which includes a model bias correction. The ocean model used is forced by atmospheric daily surface fluxes, relaxed to SST and bias corrected.

from January 1900 to December 2010
Atmosphere, Ocean waves, Land surface
Reanalysis (global)
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