ERA-20CM model integrations

There are two versions of the ERA-20CM atmospheric model integrations.

Each is comprised of a 10-member ensemble using:

  • Radiative forcing from CMIP5
  • Sea-surface temperature (SST) and sea ice cover from HadISST2
Overview of the ERA-20CM versions
Ensemble Status Period IFS cycle

Radiative forcing

Sea-surface Production year
ERA-20CMv0 experimental Jan 1899 - Dec 2009 Cy37r3 CMIP5 HadISST2.0.0.0 2013
ERA-20CM final Jan 1899 - Dec 2010 Cy38r1 CMIP5 HadISST2.1.0.0


Note that ERA-20CMv0 is an experimental version and public access to this data will be disabled in the future. Existing users of ERA-20CMv0 should migrate to the final version as soon as possible.

Product description

Note:  Due to an error in the calculation of the daily monthly means (edmo) for a number of parameters for ERA-20CMv0, access to this stream has been disabled. Values from the daily monthly means values can be calculated via the synoptic monthly means (edmm) by averaging over the 8 time=0/to/21/by/3 fields for each month

ERA-20CMv0: See Hersbach et al (2013) for a detailed description.

ERA-20CM: See Hersbach et al (2015) for a detailed description.