ECMWF Reanalysis v5 - Land (ERA5-LAND)

Due to the move of our Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System (MARS) to the new Data Centre in Bologna there will be no or degraded access to this dataset at times between June and October 2022.
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Thank you for your patience and support during this important move, which will allow exciting scientific developments and overall better service.

ERA5-Land is a reanalysis dataset providing a hourly high resolution information of surface variables over several decades at ~9km grid spacing and covering the period from 1950 to 2-3 months before the present.

ERA5-Land, developed by C3S at ECMWF, has been produced by replaying the land component of the ECMWF ERA5 climate reanalysis. Monthly aggregates of the hourly fields are available.

The ERA5-Land dataset, as any other simulation, provides estimates which have some degree of uncertainty. ERA5-land parameter fields can currently be used in combination with the uncertainty of the equivalent ERA5 fields.

from January 1950 to present
Land surface, Radiation, Temperature, Precipitation, Wind, Soil, Evaporation
Reanalysis (global)
Created by: 
Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)
Provided by: 

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